Marcela’s Oracle (May 2010)

What happens to planet Earth affects all life that lives on her including the life of each one of us humans. We live in a world where the actions and reactions of all beings are interrelated and also the energy produced and manipulated by their consciousness. We have all been woven together in this fabric of planetary life. Around the globe we share the same mineral and vegetable past, and we share the same reptilian and mammalian brain. Also us humans share the same original African blood; the same biological needs or desires; the same ancient past of war or glory; and with a few variations we share the same empowering or disempowering ideas or belief systems, and the same emotional wounds or grandiose fantasies. We are all connected through threads of light or darkness that fill the energetic matrix.

And it is within that matrix that we collectively create the illusion of a world in crisis. Today we see ourselves in the midst of an economic crisis that has sprung out of a system that created this ecological crisis. There are about 6.8 billion of us living on the Earth today and a vast majority have bought into the paradigm of consumerism. In order to satisfy our “created” “needs” and “desires” our economic system produces massive quantities of goods and most of us do not realize that that is costing us our own physical life in the planet. It is like the story of the frog that is in a pot of cold water and slowly that water is warmed up until it cooks the frog. As opposed to the frog that is put into already hot water and immediately jumps out because it can tell the difference in temperature. I wonder when are we going to jump out, the water is already too hot. If you have recently visited eastern Asia you have seen the cloud of smog that covers the entire region and people go out in the streets with their masks that can filter a little bit of the heavy particles in the air. Why are we acting like that is how normal life should go? Examples of situations that are not agreeable with human life are endless. I highly recommend you to watch a video that perfectly explains the tight relationship between productivity and natural devastation. You can find it at by Annie Leonard.

Now let me tell you a short story of when we lived in perfect harmony with the Earth and then how we stepped out: Once upon a time we lived in a beautiful garden with clear waters and fresh air that today some religions call Paradise. At that time our “Mother” provided for us in plentiful ways and we had nothing to worry about. We had all the nourishment and shelter that we needed to live “happily ever after” without stressing or causing harm to ourselves. We were very curious beings and had an infinite creative potential that we used to better satisfy our daily needs for food and shelter. So our ways of living gradually changed through out long periods of “time” and so did our brains – our neocortex got activated and we grew frontal lobes- offering us a new intelligence and at the same time new feelings and emotions to explore.

It was in this exploring that we kept evolving and moving slowly, but surely, away from Paradise. Eventually we arrived to a new place that those same religions call Hell and that is a place of suffering and punishment where we can be annihilated. For example, recently scorching temperatures and strong winds caused huge fires and the death of hundreds of people near Melbourne, Australia. Last year a magnitude 7.9 earthquake in China left tens of thousands dead, missing or buried under the rubble of crushed communities. We have hurricanes like the one that devastated New Orleans in 2005 bringing mass chaos and over 1500 dead. And let’s not forget the great tsunamis of southeastern Asia in 2004 that obliterated cities and seaside communities killing tens of thousands of people.

But in this new place we have suffer even worse pain than that through the damage that we have caused to each other driven by the new emotions of greed and fear. Throughout history we have declared war on each other to impose our truth; we have killed each other to own the land; we have lied to each other to gain power; we have abused the Earth and destroyed our environment to “have more”.

And here we are in endless suffering now because we still remember how nice it was to live in Paradise where we honored and respected each other and lived in harmony with all our brothers and sisters from all the kingdoms -animal, plant, and mineral- and with our Mother Earth. We are missing our Home. How do we get back?

While most of us are confused about what to do, there are men and women that never left the Garden and that know exactly the way Home. They are the Wisdom Keepers who have witnessed our Journey through rivers of blood, rivers of scorpions, and rivers of pus, to finally arrive to Xibalba, the Mayan Underworld. A place of tests, trials, and traps governed by Lords who worship death and who have domain over various forms of human suffering including sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, humiliation, and pain.

These Lords are making sure that we go through all of that and that we are very confused before sending us to a final test which are 6 houses that we have to visit before we can get out of Xibalba. The first one is the Dark House, a house that is completely devoid of light inside. The second is Rattling House or Cold House, full of bone-chilling cold and rattling hail.

The third is Jaguar House, filled with hungry jaguars. The fourth is Bat House, filled with dangerous shrieking bats. The fifth is Razor House, filled with blades and razors that moved about on their own accord. And the sixth test is Hot House, filled with fires and heat. As we are making our way through these houses our tendency has been to close our eyes and hope that we make it. We do that because we are ignorant about what it means to be there and because we have become narrow minded and can not see the big picture of where we are and we can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. We close our eyes because we are scared to look at what is there and we make ourselves busy with work, television or shopping not to think about it. We also become addicts to alcohol, drugs or sex not to feel the pain.

But the Wisdom Keepers know that if we want to make it through and out of Xibalba we need to do just the opposite which is to keep our eyes wide open to doge the blades or to not fall asleep and freeze. We need to go through those Houses very consciously and breathe through the flames until we reach the fresh air again. And if we make it through Xibalba alive and kicking, they know that we’ll have acquired tremendous Courage, Wisdom, Power, and Compassion to say the least and that we’ll be able to Create any World we want in which to live.

I have a few girlfriends in New York City that live in a World of fashion and they love to wear Givenchy and Prada while a woman in the mountains of China walks 3 miles a day to get one bucket of water to bring to the house and her two sons have to share the one and only pair of pants they own.

Those are two different Worlds in one Earth and I ask you how is the World that you want to Create?

The Earth is a very resilient being with infinite resources to renew herself in a short amount of time. She is made of four powerful elements -Earth, Water, Fire, Air- that alone or combined can destroy, transform, and or create new life. She is also home for infinite different kinds of microorganisms that assist in the mulching of what is dead to make a fertile soil again. She’ll be OK. Are we going to be OK? Our bodies resemble the body of our Earth Mother. Our womb is her Ocean; our veins are her rivers; our bones are her minerals; our digestive system is her fire; our nervous system is the roots of her trees, and our lungs are the branches. If we look after our Mother and keep her healthy then we can have the privilege to remain here longer, perhaps long enough for our children’s children to be born in a body. We have not always lived on the Earth and we will not always remain, but through an act of Love in taking care of Her we can still call Her Home.

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