Practices for Enlightenment (July 2011)

I feel very inspired after offering the munay-ki rites in Peru. Sixty people plus a shaman, accompanied me to the Sacred Valley and Mount Pachatusan.

My goal was not to give rites for the first time since most everybody had received them. My goal was to help people germinate and grow what they had received even years ago. Each day we went to a different ancient temple or huaca –place of power- to make an offering to Mother Earth and Spirit. And within the context of our offering or despacho we prayed to have assistance to transmit one of the rites.

We started with the Pampa Mesayok (day keepers) in Moray and finished with the Taitanchis (creator rites) at the top of Mount Pachatusan. Each day also we practiced physical, mental, and energetic exercises to deeply root the seeds of the Munay-Ki. This while I explained that to grow the seeds tall and harvest fruits, we have to go deep. We also practiced a lot of stillness and meditation. On the last day I reminded everyone of what I feel is important to keep germinating and growing the Munay-ki. I said that sometimes life can offer us gorgeous gifts like the Munay-ki, but if we do not do our part to cultivate those gifts, then they remain just as another nice dream we had.

For me it is key to practice awareness of the four levels of reality at all times. For example, when I do my physical exercises I am also working on my energy body, or if I am having an intellectual discussion I am aware of its effects in my soul’s journey. The four levels merge with one another and as you intervene in one you affect the others. In truth is one subtle reality that gets denser as it attains physical form. So we are most efficient when we pay attention to the four levels. And these are some essential ideas for each level:

At the physical:

-Find a practice that motivates you (chi kung, yoga, capoeira, other martial arts, flamenco dance, belly dance, etc.) and dedicate time to it. As you master this practice you will be able to center yourself, still your mind, and build up courage. The right teacher can make all the difference by inspiring you and helping you find the best alignment of your body and therein of your energy body.

-Find a diet that provides all the nutrients you need and that gives you energy instead of making you sluggish. To me this means to eat closer to the Earth and sun (less processed) and to supplement if necessary. Consult an experienced and knowledgeable nutritionist.

-Make a difference in your community with your actions.

At the emotional and mind:

I really feel that Alberto has shared very profound practices in our Medicine Wheel training which are clearly explained in his book the Four Insights (so please review from your class notes or with the book): -Non-judgment -Non-suffering -Non-attachment -Beginners mind -Non-engagement -Non-doing -Fearlessness -Certainty -Create beauty Be grateful for the opportunity to experience life. Become an oasis of peace and love while being fearless to act according to your values.

At the soul level:

-Keep soaring with eagle/condor or any winged beings that give you perspective and elevate you higher than your challenges.

– Keep sipping ONLY from the sweetest nectar of life.

-Step outside of time often. Envelope yourself inside your radiant wiracocha and meditate.

-Incorporate your dream-time into your consciousness as oppose to leaving it in the subconscious.

-Work in sacred space and most important become sacred space. Embody and feed the archetypes (serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, and eagle) and be a clear conduit between heaven and Earth.

-Practice the journey beyond death to put things in perspective and lighten you up.

-Dream a more loving and peaceful world like the one John Lennon “imagined”, or better.

At the energetics:

– Welcome the sun each morning by gazing at it or bringing the rays into your luminous field. Download the codes of the new day; keep yourself updated. Use the sunlight and your own light to keep your energy field cleansed.

-Discharge heavy and dark energies to the Earth. Ancient Chinese and oriental practices like Chi Kung are designed for this. Learn a few key exercises.

-Do fire ceremony every full moon. Dispense of heavy energies and feed from the fire.

-When challenged, practice mesa mastai (re-organize your world through your mesa) or indigenous alchemy (you learn it at the East class). Dare to imagine what life is beyond our galaxy and present time.

With love always,

Marcela Lobos

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