There is much frenzy when the holidays are near and the year is about to change. There is a sense of rush in the air amid the Christmas Carols, and relentless stress.

This high octane energy combined with the hollowness (not holiness) can swallow us and spit us out days later in the mall –physical or virtual- or in a family dinner, trying to make everything “perfect” as in a Martha Stewart magazine, or simply because “it has always been done like that in the family”.

This year we can go with the same old pattern at the cost of our nerves, values, and savings, or we can choose a more conscious approach and nurture our soul and the spirit of our family and community.

To follow the more profound route we can tune in to nature and its cycles, as they have a direct impact on our psyche and moods.

December 21st is winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice in the southern hemisphere.

In the north we are approaching the shortest day and the longest night of a year after which we celebrate the return of the light.

Find a quiet space to honor the transformative qualities of the dark and reflect on the attainments and regrets of the past year. Afterwards light a candle or make a fire to burn what no longer serves you. Once you finish, meditate on the flames and bring forth your soul’s longing for the new solar year and beyond. You can anchor this new beginning by adding a symbolic object in your altar, and offering a prayer or song to the light and the coming Spring!

As a holiday gift invite your loved ones to do the same on any of these holy days.

In the southern hemisphere it means we are approaching the longest day and the shortest night of the year after which we’ll welcome the dark of the fall and winter and the time of renewal.

Honor the sun as it’s light has brought nature to full ripeness and blossom. Create time to reflect on all the ways your life has flourished and notice the aspects of your life that still remain in the dreary dark. Light a candle or a sacred fire and illuminate those places in you that need to germinate and evolve. Bow to the sun in gratitude for its rays and welcome its perfect mate, the dark: open yourself to the mystery of the night and its transformative power as we start our six month journey to the longest night.

As a gift invite your loved ones to do the same on any of these holy days.

Many blessings!

Marcela Lobos


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