The Medicine Wheel is a compass able to lead a person or a village into utter renewal. It’s guidance offers us healing, empowerment, and enlightenment. It helps us die so we can be reborn. It roots us in our humble bone and flesh human nature while awakening our godly essence.


The Medicine Wheel is an ancient and universal map which has been used by many cultures around the world since prehistoric times. Its most fundamental representation is a circle with a middle point from which four or more spokes radiate to connect with the outer ring.

In the Andean tradition, each cardinal direction is recognized as holding unique wisdom kept sacred by animal spirits: Serpent in the South, Jaguar in the West, Hummingbird in the North, and Eagle in the East. At the same time each direction honors one of the elements, earth, water, fire, and air respectively. The four directions converge in the center, summoning Earth to sustain with profound richness and Heaven to shower sublime inspiration.

This Medicine Wheel actualized by medical anthropologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo, acquires further dimensionality with these four pillars:

1) A complete body of ancient teachings that do not expire with time, but rather grow richer as one delves into them. These teachings give us a perspective of the human being and his relationship with the cosmos.

2) A practical philosophy of healing that includes four master techniques:

  • The Illumination process ~ erases karmic traces of the past.
  • Extraction ~ frees us from intrusive energies.
  • Soul Retrieval ~ reconnect us to our vitality and passion.
  • The Great Death Rites ~ frees us from the ties of our past and opens our destiny.

3) Initiation rites that connect us to lineages of medicine men and women of the past, present, and future. This body of ten initiations is called Munay-Ki in the Quechua language. One is no longer alone, but works with powerful and wise bloodlines.

4) Sixteen practices that allow us to integrate and hold knowledge consciously and naturally.
High-level shamans say that one not only invokes the sacred space, but one should aspire to become sacred space. By circulating through the Master Medicine Wheel one becomes a clear and dynamic source where the energies of the sky, the Earth, and their four directions naturally converge.


The Medicine Wheel is a compass that guides us to a deep connection with the environment and, in addition, it is a vehicle that leads us to healing, transformation, and enlightenment. For more than two thousand years it has been used in the Americas to harmonize the external world with the internal world of a person or people.

In the Medicine Wheel, the four cardinal directions unite in a center that connects the world of heaven with the world of earth. And in each of the directions the medicine of an element such as earth, water, air, and fire is honored; and in turn the power of a totem animal that can assist in that harmony is recognized. In our case we relate to the Serpent, the Jaguar, the Hummingbird, and the Condor or Eagle.

In the Master Medicine Wheel the South, West, North, and East directions converge integrating shamanism, psychotherapy, neuroscience, and meditation.

In each of the directions you receive Munay-Ki initiations that connect you to powerful lineages of medicine men and women from the level of "Healer" to the level of the "Creator".

In this direction you drop your personal story like a snake sheds its old ramshackle skin, all at once. Thus, you stop being the victim of your past and recognize your essential being that walks lightly through the world. With the Enlightenment Process you erase the impressions of traumas etched in your "body of light". Thus you have the opportunity to reach states of consciousness previously reserved only for great teachers.

In this direction you elevate your ancestors to the altar and receive their blessings.

Guided by the spirit of the Jaguar, you free yourself from past lives that keep you a victimizer, victim, or rescuer. So you can relate without drama with your loved ones and your environment.

You learn to recognize the energies outside your essential being such as fear, grief, pride, or anger, that tie you to toxic situations. In addition, you learn to recognize and clear intruding energies of various kinds through the process of "Extraction" and then erase the affinities that attracted you to those energies.

In the North you discover the original psychic wound that took you away from your passion and your gifts - what in shamanic language is known as soul loss. Here you learn to explore your subconscious or "infra world" where you can repair your past, disarm limiting contracts, receive psychic gifts, and acquire a power animal that enhances your instincts. With all this you manage to recover your soul or passion for life and you have the resources to create a conscious and harmonious destiny

You learn the way to the “beyond” described by the great spiritual traditions, thus freeing yourself from an untimely death, and you acquire the tools to be able to assist a loved one or client in their final transition. You can see that all of your reality is the projection of your psyche and you learn that with your intention and energy you can create a ‘better world.’ You learn to ‘dream the world you want’.

The Master Medicine Wheel is a very powerful and wise map that helps us to widely navigate our existence, but like all spiritual paths it is only a map and not reality. For this reason, our teachers create a warm and safe environment with the intention of supporting students in their evolution towards their own freedom, well-being, and conscience.


“I took your course last year and wanted you to know how incredible it was for me to have some help on a long and hard journey through many challenges. I have come back to thank you for your help and support in making my life manageable at a time when it was otherwise looking very grim”. 

Thank you and much love to you Marcela and Alberto,

—Felix Salter



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