I share a compass to live a remarkable life, not because of material or outer success, but to cultivate presence and courage in the face of personal challenges and societal unrest.

My story, from growing up in a war-torn country to being initiated by the shamans of the Andes and becoming a teacher and a medicine woman, offers you a flesh-and-bones context for each step of the archetypal journey to Self.

Also, by giving you examples about other people crossing the veils from ordinary to extraordinary, I invite you to a new level of openness to perceive the world mystical beyond appearances.

  • This beautifully written and profound mystical memoir is a delight for all seekers on all paths. Read it and be inspired to discover the purpose and meaning of your own amazing life.

    Andrew Harvey
    Author of The Hope and co-author with Carolyn Baker of Radical Regeneration
  • Marcela Lobos takes the reader on a profound journey from the mundane to the extraordinary, providing 13 archetypal milestones that will transform, empower, and open up a new dimension of fulfillment that causes us to become masters of our own lives.

    Anita Moorjani
    New York Times best-selling author of Dying to Be Me and What if This Is Heaven?
  • Follow Marcela Lobos’s riveting, courageous story as she weaves her hero’s journey with the Medicine Wheel to create a unique and thrilling map that leads from despair to daring.

    In the pages of this inspiring book, we accompany Marcela through her extraordinary, authentic shamanic initiation to becoming a Medicine Woman. She offers us hope that the abundance and magic we seek is hidden in plain sight all around us — and this book will show you how to find it. I couldn’t put it down!

    Colette Baron-Reid
    Internationally acclaimed oracle expert, intuitive, and best-selling author of The Map
  • In Awakening Your Inner Shaman, Marcela Lobos brilliantly shares her personal story of initiation and how she stepped into the woman of power she is now. Her journey illuminates an incredible map that will guide you into the truth of who you are and your unique gifts and destiny.

    Alongside her stories of bravery and exquisite growth, she leads us step-by-step into transforming our dark night of the soul into an amazing journey of healing. This book is so timely and important for all of us awakening to the truth of our soul.

    Sandra Ingerman
    International Shamanic Teacher & Award-winning author of 12 books, including Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self and The Book of Ceremony
  • Most current books about creating a better life focus on speed: life hacks, shortcuts, and mechanistic systems. But true transformation lies beyond such strategies. In The Sacred Andean Codes, Marcela Lobos encourages us to find our inherent wisdom by slowing down.

    She writes lovingly and clearly about the Munay-Ki (10 shamanic initiations) as a time-honored way to connect with and empower your true self. Her work will help you go beyond self-help to encounter true spiritual awakening.

    Susan Piver
    New York Times best-selling author of The Buddhist Enneagram

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