Deep Gratitude

Since ancient times humans have felt the need to commune with the intelligence that created us, and the world we live in. We refer to this intelligence as Spirit.


Often, we feel driven to influence the will of Spirit so creation can favor us.  The longing to gain favor with Spirit is nothing new; in primeval times it was customary to prepare offerings to the manifestations of gods, goddesses, or the source of all life. Both simple and intricate rituals originated in societies around the world.


The Himalayan offering ceremony is called Puja, which ranges from daily home rituals like burning incense for a deity, to intricate ceremonies in temples, to large festivals where foods such as cooked rice, fruit, clarified butter, sugar, and betel leaves are offered and later shared among worshipers.


Our students are well familiar with the wisdom keepers from the Peruvian Andes and their “despacho” offering, regularly invoked in the Light Body School classes.


A common element in all these ceremonies is gratitude, the most fertile soil from which to present any requests to Spirit.


The medicine women of the Chilean Andes believe in a step prior to gratitude, acknowledging that we might have stepped out of right relationship with Spirit.  At the start of prayers they say: “I am sorry for not being impeccable,” even absent any conscious recollection of having acted without integrity. It is a practice of “humbleness” meant to deepen their connection, and mindful that the word “humble” derives its roots from “humus,” the Latin word for earth.


From the standpoint of humility, the feeling of gratitude comes in a most natural way. As we feel grateful, our hearts fill with love – the most precious vehicle to carry our requests to Spirit.


The three components of a ceremonial offering are: humbleness, gratitude, and a request.


The first two steps are vital, as they ensure you’ll experience more grace in your life by becoming a better vessel for the Grace that always is.  A personal request is optional.


Tangible offerings enhance the feelings and intentions of our prayers and are of great importance when praying for a community or humanity.


At this time of giving thanks, we invite you to step into grace, gratitude and humility, as we pray together for love, light and beauty for our loved ones, and all creations.


Happy Thanksgiving, and many blessings to all!

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