The word Munay-Ki is a Quechua concept that means the "power of love", referring to the unconditional love that the Creator has for Creation.

The Munay-Ki can erase both karmic and genetic wounds from the past. Munay-Ki updates DNA allowing a person to create a new body that heals, ages, and dies in a different, more favorable way.


Munay-Ki offers ten initiation rites that invite us to discover our power, love, and wisdom to help the Earth in these times of great change.


Each of these initiations sows a seed with the full potential of the rite just as when one sows an oak seed in the ground and that seed contains within itself a complete tree.

It is the task of each person who receives these rites to germinate the seed and feed it until the rite reaches its full potential.

It was Dr. Alberto Villoldo who, in his coexistence with the guardians of the wisdom of the Americas, synthesized these transmissions, and together with his wife Marcela Lobos, shared them in the Western world.


"Thank you so much for everything Marcela. The trip for me was really so phenomenal and transformative. Thank you for all of your encouragement and love and extra special care. I felt so taken care of and listened to and it was such an amazing experience. You are such a bad-*** fierce loving brilliant woman and I am so glad I got to know you better this trip. I look forward to crossing paths again soon I hope!"

—Becca Kannapell,
New York, NY

Attended the Amazon Journey July 2013



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