Greece is the birthplace of all Western Myths and sacred traditions, including such practices of ‘dying before you die” to taste infinity. In this expedition Alberto and Marcela lead a small group to the ancient sites of initiation to re-discover the story of Origin of the modern world. For more than 30 years, Alberto and Marcela have curated journeys to handpicked destinations to ignite deep transformation and wisdom.

When the landscape has the power to impact our inner world, it is worth considering this as a place of pilgrimage. In our visits to Eleusis, Delphi, and Epidaurus, we relive some the most powerful and transformative mysteries of ancient Greece. The journey is filled with storytelling, ceremonies, nature walks, and daily meditations.

In Eleusis, we contemplate the descent to the underworld and overcome the fear of death. In Delphi, we ask the deep questions of the deathless nature of the soul. In Epidaurus, we learn how sacred theater was linked to Asklepion – the temple dedicated to healing. We weave the wisdom of the past into the modern tapestry for a more enlightened future.

We follow the footsteps of ancient seekers who sought revelations from the Gods within caves, searched for the meaning of life through visionary states, and inquired into the journey beyond death, at temples of Gnosis.

If you feel called to be part of this intimate group of mystical travelers, please see what we have crafted and conjured day-by-day for our Journey to Origins pilgrimage.



We invite you to these magnificent ancient sites, but most importantly, we invite you to discover new landscapes in your own Psyche.

DAY 1:
October 06

Afternoon gathering in Athens and, after refreshments, walk around the Acropolis and/or visit the Parthenon and Temple of Hephaestus. Outdoor dinner at the Electra Palace hotel with inspiring views of the Acropolis. Sleep at your preferred hotel.

DAY 2:
October 07

Morning coach to Eleusis (40 min ride) where the initiatory mysteries related to Demeter and Persephone were held. Lunch at a local tavern. Coach to Delphi with a stop for tea in Livadia, an ancient village with a rich historical and cultural significance for ancient and modern Greece. Walk along the Herkyna river and see caves connected to the Oracle of Trophonius carved into the gorge. Dinner and overnight in Arachova. Aegli hotel:

DAY 3:
October 08

Early visit to Delphi to learn about the healing and oracular practices of Apollo. Traditional lunch in town and free afternoon to return to Delphi, explore the town or rest. Early dinner and evening meeting at our hotel.

DAY 4:
October 09

After breakfast we travel (3.5 hours) to Epidaurus. Lunch and check into our hotel by the beach. Afternoon tour of Epidaurus theatre and Asklepion. Early dinner and evening meeting at our hotel. Sunny Garden:

DAY 5:
October 10

Morning swim or kayak to visit submerged archaeological site. Picnic or seaside lunch. Optional visit to Mycenae – a citadel with mysterious origins that had its peak in 1350 BC and it was closely linked to the Minoan civilization of Crete – (45 mins drive) or rest/swim/local activities.

DAY 6:
October 11

Early morning ship to Aegina via Methana or Poros (approx 2 hrs including coach and ferry). Lunch at the port and then visit the temple of Athena Aphaie (the translucent one). Ferry back to Piraeus and continue by coach (one and half hours) to Cape Sounio. Check into gorgeous hotel and meet for a dinner buffet.

DAY 7:
October 12

Morning walk to visit the temple of Poseidon. Quiet ceremony and integration time with vast views of the sea. Cape Sounio is known for the beauty of its sunsets, approximately 18:50 pm in mid-October. Dinner at our hotel.

DAY 8:
October 13

Like any good story, the ending comes … but as initiates of the great mystery, we honor all the new beginnings Departure onward to individual destinations.


Important Note:
This program will fill fast as there are only 12 spaces available. Please inquire directly for additional registration and logistical details.