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Dear Marcela, yesterday I had my hysterectomy. I would like to thank you again for you amazing support ! You help me so much ! I am making indeed this commitment to replenish my matrix with all the light that I need to create love, harmony, beauty, happiness and joy in my life.

—Cathy Vincent

Thank you Marcela! You brought in the Goddess, and I tasted ecstasy. You are a genuine wisdom keeper of the sacred feminine lineage and you are so generous in bringing the wisdom of indigenous cultures of the world to us. May you be blessed by the goddess as you fulfill your destiny and give the 13 Munay ki rite to the world. May the sacred and loving spirit of the Goddess fill you, fulfill you, accompany you, and guide you. And so it is.

—Liliana Hoyos-Murray
Originally from Colombia, lives in New York
Attended The Women's Altar at Kripalu, October 2014.



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